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August 2014
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Syndication's Jim Callis joins Kiley for way more talk about "24" than any listener wants.  Then the guys get into some specific points of the draft this year that have the pundits confused before talking about the process of making a mock draft and how to think about the draft in general.

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Kiley welcomes Grantland's Jonah Keri to talk about his new Expos book "Up Up & Away" along with their tumultuous relationship, Jonah's promotional offensive, Bud Selig aa a pickup artist's prop and other high-energy information from around baseball.  Kiley then brings Frankie back to discuss the potential #1 overall pick mentioning that he tweaked his delivery for the betters because of the last episode and how egotistical this makes them both as a result.  Meta!

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Kiley and Frankie come back for part two, touching on an new candidate to go #1 overall in next year's draft that they saw this week, touching on the top prospects at NHSI, then running through draft risers and fallers lightning-round style.  They round things out with a report from just after seeing Grant Holmes' start and share some confounding thoughts about how the top of the draft looks to them right now.

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Perfect Game's Frankie Piliere returns for the season 2 premiere of the podcast and the guys talk about all the prospects they've seen this week in North Carolina.  The problem is they go long from on the N.C. State duo that they introduced to you on this podcast last year (LHP Carlos Rodon and SS Trea Turner) and Cape sensation Jeff Hoffman (of East Carolina), so this is now part one of a part two.  Both parts are content-dense, with part one focusing in detail on these three lock first round picks.

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Kiley and Chris Crawford continue their Hot Hip Hop Takes.  Part two includes the categories who's now, who's on the rise along with the Craftsmen and Weirdos.  Discussions a number of comparisons for rappers, including Russ Branyan, Sinbad, the 2005 San Diego Padres, Wes Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Miguel Sano, Mike Myers, and Matt Flynn.  Subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley welcomes ESPN's Chris Crawford to go over the first wave of off-season moves, but then the guys move on to the main event of Hot Hip Hop Takes.  Their first such show was lost, but as Kiley is now going through and ranking every player in baseball, it only makes sense to bring Chris in to rank every MC in the game.  Part one includes the Mount Rushmore and the Retirement Home, with such discussions as: top 5 dead or alive movie soundtracks, the sordid past of Jay-Z's name, where do we put Rick Ross's grunt and Kiley breaks out a new favorite sound effect.  Subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley welcomes Baseball Prospectus/Grantland writer Ben Lindbergh to the show to talk about his recent experiences as an attendee of MLB's Scout School.  Kiley has had some experiences with the MLB Scouting Bureau, has an advanced knowledge of the three-act narrative structure,ran into Ben in Arizona while he was in Scout School and knows Ben hates narratives muddying the waters of baseball analysis.  Kiley uses this knowledge and creates a narrative about Ben's experience complete with hot sports takes, conflict, sound effects, music stings and basically ruins Ben's story with Morning Zoo antics.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects in iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley returns with a vengeance from a Fall Podcast hiatus to introduce PODCAST WEEK. There will be a show every day this week with all your favorite past guests and probably no one knew becuase Kiley only has so many friends. Today's show is with Perfect Game's Frankie Piliere, the evergreen Alec Baldwin on SNL of podcast cohosts. The guys primarily introduce Jupiter, a huge travel team tournament that will be the fixture that podcast week revolves around. The guys briefly discuss some early Oscar movies before jumping into various baseball thoughts, including how young is too young to scout, getting way too excited about esoteric baseball stuff and breaking news about Kodi Medeiros' scheduled Jupiter start. Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley welcomes Mariners beat writer Ryan Divish and college football legend Lou Holtz to the show but starts things solo to get straight to the people with an article pitch.  Ryan and Kiley talk the Mariners interesting situation entering an offseason potentiall including a house-cleaning of the front office but with a good stadium, city and plenty of talent for a potentially-open GM job.  The guys also talk Danny Hultzen, Brandon Maurer, Stefen Romero and other M's prospects, crown the Detroit of the West and talk food spots around the country before Kiley welcomes Lou Holtz.  They talk yesterday's Trent Richardson trade, Johnny Football, pep talks and words riddled with S's.  Kiley closes the show with a mashup for the ages in a show full of Bangerz, so look out Miley Cyrus.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley welcome Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus to talk about both of their recent midseason Top 50 MLB Prospects lists.  The guys talk about how their make their lists, talk to sources and try to get ahead of the tide on prospect momentum while sniffing out biased sources and remembering when to trust pedigree.  Players discussed include Gary Sanchez, Francisco Lindor, Alex Jackson, Tyler Glasnow and Jameson Taillon, along with big league organizations that are rebuilding the right way.  Subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find it.

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