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July 2014
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Kiley welcomes San Diego Padres Scouting Director Billy Gasparino to talk about some of his recent picks along with chatting about some of the ways he and his staff approach the amateur draft.  They start with Billy trying to talk Kiley into joining the dark side and wrap things up with Billy expressing concern for a fellow scouting director's wardrobe choices.  To start the podcast, Kiley welcomes ESPN draft writer Chris Crawford to talk Kendrick Lamar's summer-exploding verse on "Control (HOF)" and the rap game in general before Kiley puts some fellow baseball writers on notice, channeling 8 Mile with his own battle bars.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and leave a rate/review to help more people find the show.

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Kiley welcomes writer Jason Collette from...well, they cover all the outlets you can find his stuff at, including ESPN and Baseball Prospectus.  They talk Pirates run prevention and Rays year-to-year similarities somehow both prompting Kiley to share pointless stories from when he worked for teams.  They then jump into the condescending game of the week, celebrity name soundalikes and their shared college football depression.  The show opens with #HOTSPORTSTAKES with Frankie Piliere of Perfect Game and the guys expand on the industry's thoughts on Jeff Hoffman vs. Carlos Rodon after realizing their obsession with the draft 10 months from now was validated by the awful trade deadline.  The show closes with the triumphant return of Rob and/or the continued downfall of America as imagined by Trinidad James.  Subscribe to the show in iTunes and leave a rate/review to help people find the show.

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Kiley welcomes Cardinals Director of Scouting Dan Kantrovitz to the show to talk about his most recent draft haul along with some thoughts about how he does his job now and during the spring along with breaking down some of the strategic discussions from the draft room.  For the first segment, Kiley is joined by SB Nation writer Marc Normandin to talk about the Red Sox AAA club that Kiley recently scouted along with other Sox-related topics before getting into other MLB-wide trade deadline talk.  Help other people find the show by subscribing on iTunes and leavings a rating and review.

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Kiley welcomes current frontrunner to go #1 overall in the 2014 MLB Draft, East Carolina RHP Jeff Hoffman to the show with a postgame talk after a dominating performance for Hyannis in the Cape Cod League in front of about 100 scouts.  The show opens with some hot sports take from Kiley and PG's Frankie Piliere, covering the Futures Game, a hot trade deadline name and potential prospects he may be traded for along with the decision MLB clubs with a solid young nucleus must make before they make the leap.  The show closes with Kiley sharing why everyone in Manhattan doesn't seem to like him but why he chooses to love them and their food anyway.  Subscribe to the show in iTunes and rate/review it to help others find it.

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Kiley comes back from a holiday hiatus with a bang and a new format.  In the first segment he welcomes friend of the show Frankie Piliere of Perfect Game to talk news and notes and dismiss things that you shouldn't care about.  Then Kiley welcomes Rockies beat writer Troy Renck as he talks before the Rox game last night in scenic San Diego.  They talk draft, July 2, front office, big league and the general direction of the organization.  In segment three, Kiley asks for your feedback, reads the iTuns comment of the week and reveals a dark secret, all while bringing the hottest bumper music in the biz.  That's short for business.  Help people find the show by subscribing and rate/review the show on iTunes by searching for Marginal Prospects.

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Kiley welcomes newly-hired Baseball America assistant editor Clint Longenecker to join podcast stalwart, Perfect Game scouting maven Frankie Pilere.  Kiley and Frankie haze Clint, then Clint and Kiley gang up on Frankie, who dubbed them "The Internet."  The guys cover the first two high school showcases of the season, going over the top players and some favorites among the improved 2014 prep class, including a look at the obscenely-deep pitching class.  They also take a look at the college class as thei Cape and Team USA are just about to get started before Frankie goes on a long rant against everything that is college baseball while Kiley acts as his hype man/anger translator.  Support the show by subscribing to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and leave a rate/review so more people can find us.

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Kiley welcomes Tampa Bay Rays Director of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom to the show and the guys cover a wide range of topics relating to working in a front office. They start by going through Chaim's background and how he landed his job with the then Devil Rays and they both suggest some tips for young people looking to break into the game.  They then get into Chaim's responsbilites and how those have evolved over time, why he's on the road with the club right now in Boston and how his view of the scouting/stats paradigm has shifted.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and rate/review the show so more people can find it.

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Kiley welcomes Mariners beat writer Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times to the show with the challenge to talk M's baseball and not get depressed.  They don't make it very far but take the temperature of the fan base and go over the whole organization looking for some positives before realizing a change is probably in order and proposing some ways to go about it.  Kiley makes this an abbreviated show since he's in the midst of a long scouting trip in Minnesota, so no further guests, mailbag questions or any nonsense so you people need to step up your game for next week.  Help people find the show and rate/review us on iTunes, just search for Marginal Prospects. 

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Kiley welcomes frequent guest Frankie Piliere of Perfect Game to recap the entire first round of this weekend's MLB Draft.  They go deep into each of the top ten picks with a roundup of their evaluations, rumors on each pick, the strategy involved and some scouting theory.  Then they run through the next 33 picks lightning round style and tell you how your favorite team did.  Before all of this, Kiley falls into an existential tailspin over the uselessness of mock drafts before friend of the show Drake drops in to lighten the mood and Kiley proposes a new way to approach mocking the draft.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and rate/review the show to help more people find it.

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Kiley welcomes Eno Sarris of FanGraphs to the podcast to talk about his series of interviews with players where he seamlessly weaves scouting and stats together.  His most recent subject was Stanford OF Austin Wilson, an endlessly interesting player that Kiley and Eno both have history with, a lot of opinions about, and have talked to many other baseball people about him (and the infamous Stanford Swing).  They use Wilson as an example to point out blind spots in both the scouting and statistical communities and exceptions to some useful rules.  At the end, Eno mentions his new endeavor to ruin beer for everyone and Kiley breaks out his most condesdencing game yet, but manages to find love in a hopeless podcast.  Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and rate/review the show to help more people find it.

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